The win im my haire

The wine in a bottle

I drink the glass

I again drunkness

My foot is cool

my look is sad

my eyes where pour

my solitude

your look is great

your hands was softs

why the nigth surround's

The light on the streetlight is cold

the rain is song your smile

I poke you to night.

Every day missing you

Every day the love is true.

My love I walk to the city

The night surround and iI feel you.

The rythm of my foot trace a melody.

The song is beauty.

The words are doing to life.

My body rythm the night

In the street of ghetto.

My princess is true

My princess it's you.

I sing in my head

Your blue regard

in my hart.

The song is my destiny

The black is my way

In the chicago street

to the midnigth the policy his

I am cross the road with my gun.

But the death is quickly.

The violence is hard

my spirit too

Why you don't here

My love my soul

I hate my life

You close you eyes

The murderer it'sme

I kill you

The love is true

my mind mad

I am only one on this city

on the chicago street.