English Poetry

20 août 2019



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31 décembre 2018


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20 juillet 2018


The wind the driven in the nothingness ;

Face downwards,

He waits for the light.

The wind fzde nothingness ;

Fills closed,

He remains lengthened

The wind bustless in the nothingness ;

Wrinkled eyes

It lies

Finally the wind pushes clouds.

Helping hnad towards the sky,

Where are you ?

You flavor misses me

Your accent, your eyes

My love

I look for you

Your charisma. Your hair

Alwayq with nice hair

Or freely

Are you near me ?

I like your photo of you .

I like your feeling.

My love you are far

And nevetheless in me

I would find you

A day, our day.

It is certain.

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My love


My love

Present ;

Increasing ;

Feedingit, of our exchanges

Since the beginning

For our future

I allways believe in our fate

But I do not want to suffocate you

Then how to continue ?

Let us have a dialogue

Let us be present for each other

Let us continue to build all the time

Then let us stay together

All the time

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19 juillet 2018


At the bottom

Nothing is such

Only account outstrips her

Between her and me

I love I attract

I atise this passion wich separates us

Which fires in me

One thousand once had

I tells her my love

Every time she answers me

I too my love

And I consider in it hard as iron

Then I give in and the promise a present all this to show my certainly affection in our own way

We make love
I take some pleasure thanks to her and I hope that it is mutual

My beautiful

My unique my soft

For ever

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The desire was to say things

About her

Of me

Not to think more than of you

Why you ?

For her

For me

For you my futur girl, and my future son

The futur will tell is us

I already wait for too long for this moment there and

I know that thanks to her that that

I like my dream will come true

He will take life

Will make of me a father

For everythingAnd I would be proud of it


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Warm, lavish

Always present to mark the example

Soft presence often I miss her

My mother source and maternal strength,

That I hope Always eternal

Every moment last,


Always present, allways supported me

When my life was lacking

or that he seemed to my everything to have lost

And it is its vertue,

That I hope one day to pass on

In my marvels,

Because we call it of love

Love nursery school for his child

Platonic love.

Link so strong as him maybe unique

The patience of the strength is needed to help to make a man.

The education, the gift of is, its presence

Disagreement sometimes

But allways there

My mother...


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18 juillet 2018


The sad land


The blue flocks of snow

Take one's flight

With prudence

He wind sly blows

In my head

The poor flat ground

Cover up the black



Only blood flowers

Cause to boom

On sad road

Of my look

The eyes

Have stayed closed

The hands signed

Against dirt:



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15 juillet 2018


Your hot breath on my skin warms me the heart

Your laughter rocks me the soul

Sometimes your tears

Sad forerunner

Congeals the time

Freeze my hands

And finally there;

I dare to take you in my arms

Squeeze up everything against me

My love my strength

I ask you and beg

You does not take away

You too much from me

Because without you I feel vulnerable

And it is my strength which I draw from you

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The win im my haire

The wine in a bottle

I drink the glass

I again drunkness

My foot is cool

my look is sad

my eyes where pour

my solitude

your look is great

your hands was softs

why the nigth surround's

The light on the streetlight is cold

the rain is song your smile

I poke you to night.

Every day missing you

Every day the love is true.

My love I walk to the city

The night surround and iI feel you.

The rythm of my foot trace a melody.

The song is beauty.

The words are doing to life.

My body rythm the night

In the street of ghetto.

My princess is true

My princess it's you.

I sing in my head

Your blue regard

in my hart.

The song is my destiny

The black is my way

In the chicago street

to the midnigth the policy his

I am cross the road with my gun.

But the death is quickly.

The violence is hard

my spirit too

Why you don't here

My love my soul

I hate my life

You close you eyes

The murderer it'sme

I kill you

The love is true

my mind mad

I am only one on this city

on the chicago street.


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